Springtide Celebration!

When spring comes to the lands of Eldevin the bluppities start hiding their chocolate eggs throught the realms! This years Springtime Celebration is now live and will run until the 1st of May.

We wish you all a happy Springtide and hope you find some unique Springtide Vanity gear!

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A Tale of Sands and Shards

We're happy to announce the first free expansion for Eldevin is set to launch on Thursday the 3rd of April!

This digital expansion for the award winning game 'Eldevin' takes the player into 5 exciting new areas to battle epic enemies as the omens of war with the Infernal Empire looms over the entire kingdom.

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Special Offer

Get a great deal on Eldevin Points this weekend in the Hunted Cow Shop! We're giving 20% extra Eldevin Points on all Eldevin Point purchases until March 24th!

Big thanks to everyone who is (and is considering) supporting the game :)


Development Update Feb 2014

It's time for our monthly update, this month we're mainly focusing on content as the technical team is hard at work in the background on the hardware graphics, downloadable client and custom key binds. Our artists are also working hard to rebuild parts of the world as many models had been optimized for a top-down view and while we're at it we've improved some the textures and graphics. Here's a few screenshot examples:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

We're aiming at 2 content releases in March, and we're also looking at a third shortly after. So without further ado lets talk content! :)

Update 1.1

This will include the following:

- Increased Level Cap to 45
- Increased Skill Level Cap to 45
- 4 new armor item sets.
- 250 new items including over 100 new crafted items.
- Over 200 new quests.
- 5 new large world areas including:
Azraq Desert, Taranuka, Crystal Caves, Bochdaen Tombs & Sirunax Void
- Over 20 new caves, dungeons and mines.
- 2 new dungeons
- The Shadowcaster's Tomb
- Rumble's Grotto

Second Release

We're also hard at work in the caves underneath the Tower of Noctis just east of Roshaven. This is where the Eldevin Army and Prince Ryan took 6 orbs, one from each Sphere of Power and attempted to create a stable portal into the Void to rescue King Harold. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and the experiment created strange gateways to some dangerous past events.

This location will be the hub for "Ascended" mode dungeons. These dungeons will be scaled to the current maximum content level and will provide an increased challenge and reward. We'll be creating a quick way to travel to the Tower of Noctis from Eldevin City.

Third Release

We're quite happy with how the random item abilities have worked out and we'd like to add some to lower level dungeons, quest rewards and other loot. We've also seen a large number of suggestions about improving the crafting and we're also looking at the possibility of weapon or jewelry sets. We've been reading your feedback and improving this part of the game and adding fun and variety are important to us.

More news on this will follow once we've completed the other two updates. They are our priority for March!


I'm sure you've noticed we've started recording your "Dungeon Completion" times, well we are planning to launch our Leaderboard part of the Eldevin website next week!

Leaderboard Preview

New Player Experience

We're also working to improve the current tutorial and are looking at making lower levels of the game more rewarding and fun. We're planning a few things to make the game friendly to free players and we want to have this ready for the launch of the improved graphics and camera freedom.


So feel free to give your feedback, we're always listening on the forums and we appreciate your support as Eldevin continues on its journey!


Update v1.04b

We've just updated the game with a number of improvements to our new keyboard movement system as well some class and content balance based on forum feedback!

Click here to read the full patch notes.


Update v1.04 - Fury of the Legendaries!

We've just updated the game with a new Legendary creature 'Zorskaar' and we've added exciting new loot to all the current legendary quests as well as adding some new legendary quests! We've also been working hard to develop one of the most requested features requested by the community and we're launching the beta of our WSAD keyboard movement!

We're also improving PvE and PvP balance and we've also fixed a number of content issues.

Click here to read the full patch notes.


Photo Competition

Your chance to represent Eldevin in the Hunted Cow photo competition!

We have some great prizes on offer including a years premium membership to Guild Launch and 240 Days Free Support time for your Eldevin account!

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Update 1.03c

We've just released the latest patch which squashes a few more bugs and we've also improved the group experience based on your feedback!

Thank you to everyone who reported the issues and we hope you have a great weekend!

Click here to check out the full patch notes on the forum...


Update 1.03b

We've just updated the game with with a bunch of fixes and improvements. We'd also like to tell you that the team are hard at work on the first content update. This update will increase the level cap for both player and skill level, as well as including 2 new dungeons, 5 new large leveling areas and we're also working towards some more interesting random stats on weapons. Expect some previews on the forum soon!

Click here to check out the full patch notes on the forum...


Update 1.03 : Greenlight!

We've been listening to your feedback since the launch of the game and todays update increases experience gain from gathering, crafting and quests along with reduced costs to crafting recipes. We hope this is the news you've all been waiting for, and you can read the full patch notes here.

Click here to check out the full patch notes on the forum...

We're also excited to be working towards a launch on Steam Greenlight, along with this we're working to improve the graphics performance along with improved camera angles! We'd appreciate your help to bring the game to steam!

Eldevin Greenlight