Development Update August 2014

Posted by Mojawk | August 8th, 2014

We're planning to release the new game client the week of the 18th of August, this will feature improved performance, graphics and viewing angles!

Game Update v1.2

We'll also be updating the game at this time with a number of bug fixes including many achievement issues. This update will also now allow players to Trade in Ascended Relics for Fusion Powder and we've re-visited and improved creature loot tables across the entire world. General loot will now also be more valuable when sold to in-game vendors.

One of the biggest changes we'll be making in this update is our plan to change the following abilities from level 50 to 45. These are

  • Glaciate
  • Reap
  • Torture
  • Tornado
  • Fulmination
  • Repent

We've been reading your feedback on these and the talents and abilities and have decided to release these now. This potentially paves the way for tier 10 talents in the future which is an idea we quite like.


We're also working on the class balance patch and hope to launch this fairly shortly after the new client, which should be right around the time we are ready to launch on STEAM.