Development Update February 2014

Posted by the Eldevin Team | February 28th, 2014

This month we're mainly focusing on content as the technical team is hard at work in the background on the hardware graphics, downloadable client and custom key binds. Our artists are also working hard to rebuild parts of the world as many models had been optimized for a top-down view and while we're at it we've improved some the textures and graphics.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

We're aiming at two content releases in March, and we're also looking at a third shortly after. So without further ado lets talk content!

Update 1.1

This will include the following:

  • Increased Level Cap to 45.
  • Increased Skill Level Cap to 45.
  • 4 new armor item sets.
  • 250 new items including over 100 new crafted items.
  • Over 200 new quests.
  • 5 new large world areas.
  • Over 20 new caves, dungeons and mines.
  • 2 new level 45 dungeons.

Second Release

We're also hard at work in the caves underneath the Tower of Noctis just east of Roshaven. This is where the Eldevin Army and Prince Ryan took 6 orbs, one from each Sphere of Power and attempted to create a stable portal into the Void to rescue King Harold. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and the experiment created strange gateways to some dangerous past events.

This location will be the hub for "Ascended" mode dungeons. These dungeons will be scaled to the current maximum content level and will provide an increased challenge and reward. We'll be creating a quick way to travel to the Tower of Noctis from Eldevin City.

Third Release

We're quite happy with how the random item abilities have worked out and we'd like to add some to lower level dungeons, quest rewards and other loot. We've also seen a large number of suggestions about improving the crafting and we're also looking at the possibility of weapon or jewelry sets. We've been reading your feedback and improving this part of the game and adding fun and variety are important to us.

More news on this will follow once we've completed the other two updates. They are our priority for March!


I'm sure you've noticed we've started recording your "Dungeon Completion" times, well we are planning to launch our Leaderboard part of the Eldevin website next week!

Leaderboard Preview

New Player Experience

We're also working to improve the current tutorial and are looking at making lower levels of the game more rewarding and fun. We're planning a few things to make the game friendly to free players and we want to have this ready for the launch of the improved graphics and camera freedom.


So feel free to give your feedback, we're always listening on the forums and we appreciate your support as Eldevin continues on its journey!