Game Update 1.3 : Tides of War

Posted by the Eldevin Team | March 26th, 2015

Game Update v1.3 is now live! This update features the an increased level cap (47), new zones, new quest, new crafting recipes and more! Players will be able to continue their progress in the main-story by visiting Alchemist Fermii, Archmage Rufan, Colonel Stafford and Major Rothar or by visiting a Noticeboard.

Game Update v1.3 : Tides of War

  • Level Cap increased to 47.
  • New recipes for all Crafting Professions.
  • The Vanity Chest now has 110 slots, up from 80 slots.
  • New Achievements have been added to the Dungeons tab.
  • The Artisan Awards vendor in the Rival's Lounge and the PvP Trader in Trapper's Atoll have been updated with new items.
  • A number of Arcane Teleport animations have been sped up.
  • The cost of cooldowns which use Eldevin Points (such as respec) will now be reduced based on the time remaining.

Continued Quest Books

  • Service to the Council
  • A Soldier's Duty
  • Curing the Plagued
  • Culling the Plagued

New Quest Books

  • Prelude to War
  • The Warring Fields

New Areas

  • Level 46 - The Fields of Darrowvale
  • Level 46 - Forgotten Ruins
  • Level 47 - Infernal Command Center

New Crafting Apparatus

  • Dark Forge (found in Darrowvale or the Tower of Noctis)


  • Updated Councillor Feyeya's quest indicator for the quest "Change for the People".
  • Updated the quest "Light the Fires" so that you correctly enter one of the quest-related areas.


  • Angel Wings now properly dismounts you when you try to use another mount while it's active.
  • "Lovely Dress Gloves" are no longer marked as Crafted on the tool-tip.
  • "Lovely Suit Shoes" are now Heroic, in keeping with the rest of the set.
  • The item "Mount : Cerulean Rhinotaur" is now unbound.
  • The item stacks "Timid Scarecrow", "Panther Tongue", "Midnight Midgie Wing", "Icky Goo", "Void Midgie Wing", "Stormwing Feather", "Voidling Intestines", "Nasty Insect Stinger" and "Box of Chocolates" are now able to be split.
  • Updated the description for the reputation "The Brood of Vambrok".
  • Almandine text should now display correctly in the Gem Hearth.
  • Added the chat command /lovingbluppity to summon your Loving Bluppity pet.
  • The "Refined Iron Sword" from Weaponsmithing now requires 3 Fine Sharpening Stones instead of Smooth Strips.
  • Updated the loot for the Crystal Guards in the Sirunax Void.
  • Bags of currencies now correctly always apply supporter bonuses.
  • Removed Unnecessary discard option from milk.
  • Fixed a bug causing additional stat points to be added when items in sets reach zero durability.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter dungeons when they shouldn't have been able to.