Game Update 1.33 - Storming the Keep

Posted by the Eldevin Team | June 17th, 2015

Game Update 1.33 is now live, this update includes new levels, mounts, new gear and more! Visit a noticeboard for more info!

Patch Notes


  • Players can now level up to level 49.
  • All current professions can now be leveled to 49.
  • Crannoch Castle is now accessible to players.
  • New crafting recipes are available for all professions.
  • Added 2 new quest books - Storming the Walls and Inside the Keep.
  • A Remote Mailbox has been added to the Eldevin Market allowing players to spawn a mailbox anywhere in the world.
  • Skinning high level creatures in Darrowvale will now grant higher level leather.
  • Added Reroller Alacha (Leatherworking), Reroller Soban (Tailoring) and Reroller Carina (Armorsmithing)
  • A number of older quests have had new rewards added, players will be able to collect these quest if they have already completed upon their next login.

Skill Changes

  • Increased Reap Base Damage to 250% and reduced Cooldown to 45 seconds.
  • Increased Moment Of Glory Damage bonus to 180%.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where low level players could not exit the Tower of Noctis.
  • Resolved an issue where Flawless Tourmaline could not be socketed.
  • Fixed occasional random focus change on deleting mail.
  • Improved logic of Northam barn stages for "A Call to Peace" and "Ending Hostilities" when player is simultaneously on equivalent stages.
  • Resolved an issue with the "Stay Out of the Goop" achievement not being awarded correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could break benches & chairs.
  • Fixed several cases where the Young Archaeologist would break.
  • Frosty Salmon, Glacial Rainbow Fish and Polar Trout can now be stored in sacks and baskets.
Note: The scribe profession appears in game now, however is currently un-learnable.