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Steam Launch

Posted by the Eldevin Team | October 16th, 2014

The launch of Eldevin on Steam is fast approaching, the back end is finished and we're working to resolve a few issues in the client itself. We don't have a release date yet but we may be handing out some beta keys to help us test it soon.

If you plan on playing Eldevin through Steam, you need to link your Steam account to your Hunted Cow account BEFORE you play!

Click the image above to go to your account page, you'll find the link to Steam option on the right side.

Subscription Price Change

Posted by the Eldevin Team | September 22nd, 2014

In preparation for the launch of Eldevin on Steam we will be lowering all prices associated with our recurring subscriptions. If you wish to benefit from one of these new lower prices you will need to cancel your subscription using the link below and then restart it. If you have any trouble cancelling your subscription please contact support.

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Gift Codes Available

Posted by Zorg | September 10th, 2014

We now allow the purchase of all items on our Hunted Cow shop as gift codes! Before paying for an order you'll now see a check box that says "Convert purchase in to Gift Codes I can give to other people". Once payment is complete you'll be given the codes that you can then pass on to your friends who can redeem them for the items. This means you can now purchase 60 days subscriber time or a starter pack for your friends!

Please note that these codes do not carry bonuses granted during sales beyond the point the sale ends.