Icicle's End 2022

Posted by the Eldevin Team | December 14th, 2022

This year's Festive Eldevin event : Icicle's End is about to go live! Find the Frozen Portal in the center of Eldevin City to start your festive adventure! Running from the 16th until the 6th of January 2022, you can journey to the Winter Cabin in the Glacial Plains and earn awesome festive rewards.

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The Howling 2022

Posted by the Eldevin Team | October 17th, 2022

Strange things have been happening at night in Eldevin City. Citizens have been advised to stay indoors at night and lock their doors! Guard Captain Travis has been tasked with increasing the Night Watch, report to him near the Golden Tankard Inn to get started on your adventure. The Howling Event is now live and will run until the 7th of November.

Summer's Passing 2022

Posted by the Eldevin Team | July 29th, 2022

This years summer event : Summer's Passing has begun. All servers have been updated and players can now travel to Booty Island and earn vanity gear, pets, emotes, mounts and achievements!