Springtide Celebration!

Posted by the Eldevin Team | April 17th, 2014

When spring comes to the lands of Eldevin the bluppities start hiding their chocolate eggs throughout the realms! This years Springtime Celebration is now live and will run until the 1st of May.

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A Tale of Sands and Shards

Posted by the Eldevin Team | March 26th, 2014

We're happy to announce the first free expansion for Eldevin is set to launch on Thursday the 3rd of April!

This digital expansion for the award winning game 'Eldevin' takes the player into 5 exciting new areas to battle epic enemies as the omens of war with the Infernal Empire looms over the entire kingdom.

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Development Update February 2014

Posted by the Eldevin Team | February 28th, 2014

This month we're mainly focusing on content as the technical team is hard at work in the background on the hardware graphics, downloadable client and custom key binds. Our artists are also working hard to rebuild parts of the world as many models had been optimized for a top-down view and while we're at it we've improved some the textures and graphics.

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